What to do

Following a death, many people are unsure how to proceed - we hope the following information helps to guide you.

First steps

When a death occurs, here is some advice on the first steps that may need to be taken. This process depends greatly on where the death happened. Please contact us immediately for professional help and advice.

At Home

When someone dies at home, you should contact their doctor as soon as possible, who will arrange for a medical death certificate to be issued.

You will also need to find a funeral director, whose role is to assume responsibility for the deceased and organise their transfer to a funeral home.

In Hospital Or Rest Home

When a loved one dies in hospital or residential care, the staff will contact the family. They will also take care of the medical formalities and may assist you in finding a funeral director, who will arrange for the transfer of the deceased to a funeral home.

If you have decided on cremation, you should advise the nursing staff, as the doctor will need to prepare additional paperwork.

The Coroner

When a death is unexpected or the death certificate is delayed, the Coroner may need to provide a report. If this happens, your funeral director can advise you on how to proceed.

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Looking for more information?

In this brochure you will find helpful information on what to think about if you are planning a funeral for someone who has died, or pre-planning your own or someone else’s funeral. We hope this information offers you some insight and reassurance that we are here to support you every step of the way.

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